We are called by God to take a prophetic and evangelistic message throughout our nation—bringing a voice of prayer and repentance to the cities and states of this country.

heal our land ministries has been formed to call our nation back to a right relationship with God. In response to listening to the voice of God, Maxie and John Hellmann have felt God calling them to leave behind their home to become itinerant missionaries to call our nation to repent and turn back to God. The burning passion in their hearts is that all persons everywhere should come to a relationship with God that brings healing from the damages of sin which releases those who are bound in the grip of our spiritual enemy.

316 Christian Community Church, a member of Virginia Mennonite Conference, is the sending organization providing spiritual and fiscal accountability for them as they pursue this mission. We have formed a Mission Support Team to provide prayer support, counsel, encouragement, and raise operating funds. We invite you to join us and bless them with your prayer and financial support as they take this message of repentance round America and wherever the Lord may call them.